how it works

Buckminster's is Western New York’s first cat cafe! It will, in part, serve as a cat adoption facilitator, and provide a unique, non-shelter- like atmosphere for meeting and interacting with homeless cats. But the dual zone space (separated physically into a cafe area and a cat meeting area) will also be a friendly, stylish neighborhood cafe serving a great cup of artisanal coffee.

Those wishing to enjoy cat time will pay a small cover charge to enter the cat zone. In the cat zone, customers interested in meeting adoptable cats or who cannot have cats of their own will have the opportunity to connect with cats in a comfortable feline-centric environment. And customers who may already have cats at home can carry their coffee into the cat zone to simply enjoy the company of feline friends in an engaging public setting.

Don’t want to hang out with cats? The cat-free cafe space itself will be designed as a serene environment in which to eat, study, or socialize. The business will partner with local cat rescue organizations to populate the cat zone with good-natured adoptable cats.